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File management solutions have typically been ‘out of reach’ for smaller organisations.The cost involved in setting up and licensing was such that the business case would not tally!
File Management Systems are now available as Software as a Service making the solutions much more accessible and affordable. Locally developed solution, Cabinet, is an Online File Management system that offers all the benefits and functionality of a traditional file management solution at a fraction of the cost making it accessible to smaller and medium sized organisations.
A new online tool on the market, Cabinet allows users to upload, organise, share and access documents and files from any pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone. In simple terms, Cabinet is an affordable virtual office - a secure and scalable online repository with all the features and functions such as access permissions, version control, audit trails and logs and easy drag and drop functionality to allow users to manage and share files easily and safely.
Cabinet is set up as a Software As A Service (SAAS), allowing a business to purchase a fully-fledged document system on a pay-as-you-go basis. This avoids large setup costs and hefty on-going fees.
Moreover it gives you the flexibility to not only have a virtual office but also a portable one! Nowadays businesses need to be efficient, whether this requires staff working from home, whilst travelling or at the beach!
Having such as solution offered as Software as a Service makes business sense for SMEs and the business case finally stacks up. Whilst organisations of such size still need file management and storage facilities of some sort in order to run their operation, the financial aspect of ‘investing’ in such a solution now makes sense. With such a solution there is no need for the major investment in hardware and costly solution licenses. No server is required therefore one saves costs on server maintenance and licenses too, not to mention energy bills for a cooling system to keep the server cool.
Cabinet is a solution provided by Aqubix. The solution has already been well received by clients locally as well as on the Continent. Aqubix has a consistent track record of developing and delivering flexible and scalable web applications. Their experience and background in IT Consultancy on an international scale gives them the ability to blend effective web design with dynamic web programming to provide powerful online solutions.
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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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