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Aquvids offers a versatile and multi-faceted solution for all video streaming, conferencing and networking requirements

Aquvids offers a truly versatile and multi-faceted solution for all video streaming, conferencing and networking requirements.

At the heart of the technology powering Aquvids is the WebRTC platform, through which peer-to-peer-driven video utilizing the universal HTML5 framework can be shared between 2 or more connected users in real time, without the need for external plugins, and fully embedded within web browsers, across most operating systems (support for Safari on iOS is currently being enabled by Apple).

Chief amongst the features of Aquvids is the significantly curtailed bandwidth footprint, even when compared with the de facto standard video communication systems. This highly compressed video algorithm balances the need for broadcastable quality versus data transfer sizes, in turn translating into quasi-real time (with a buffering offset of a few seconds), seamless, glitch-free transmissions across devices, even when utilizing significantly impaired internet connections.

The versatility behind the Aquvids platform is demonstrated through the plethora of sectors and applications it serves, from newscasting to customer due diligence, enhanced customer support and sales aids to emergency communications, personal communication to webinars and business solutions.

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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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