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An Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) that facilitates job management and tracking, client and contact management as well as sharing of tasks and calendars amongst several other benefits that will enhance your company’s productivity and efficiency.

Blaide by Aqubix is an organisation software that facilitates job management, client management, contact management, user administration, creates templates and many other benefits that will enhance your company’s productivity and efficiency.

Blaide can be upgraded or customised for any industry and client need and has functionalities for timesheets, Invoicing or custom customer needs.


Blaide for Legal
Ensures that time spent on clients is recorded and billed. The solution also allows for client, document and email management which ensures total time management. Employee time sheets are also recorded.
Blaide for Corporate Services
Keeps track of all company and client details and will remind you when important deadlines are approaching, such as Annual reports. The software will also track time spent working the project which will ensure accurate billing.
Blaide for Real Estate
Maintains a catalogue of properties, including photos and property specs whilst also keeping track of client wish lists and agent reports.
Notaide by Blaide Is a job management software specifically for Notaries. Based on Prisma's Blaide Framework, it offers a number of powerful features. Notaide allows order searches, deed indexes, invoicing of clients, accurate billing functionality, built in organiser and messenger and so much more.
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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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