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RVC, one of Malta’s leading turn-key Mechanical and Electrical contractors, have launched their new website. Developed by Aqubix, the new site provides a fresh face for the established company whilst still keeping true to their established brand image.
RVC have been behind many of the large Mechanical and Electrical projects locally including Smart City, Viset and the Grand Harbour Marina. “Although we are an established company in an industry that does not particularly rely on the web as its store front, we recognize the need to keep our brand and image fresh, professional and up to date. A new site was key to reflect our brand position and ethos.’’ said Stefania Grech, procurement manager at RVC ltd. “Aqubix did a great job, not only from the design perspective but also from the functionality side - we decided to keep true to our logo and branding, yet giving a more clean, sleek, and professional feel. We have also engaged Aqubix to develop a site for our new venture – RVC Lighting.”
RVC Lighting is a new division of RVC that caters for all kinds of event lighting; from weddings and concerts to corporate events and the filming industry. The new website should be launched over the next month.
Aqubix teamed-up with Switch Design & Brand Strategy to deliver this project. Both websites, including the timeline component on, are fully compatible with multiple browsers and can run on any platform, including mobile and tablets.
Aqubix has a consistent track record of developing and delivering flexible and scalable web applications. Their experience and background in IT Consultancy on an international scale gives them the ability to blend effective web design with dynamic web programming to provide powerful online solutions.
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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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