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Last Wednesday we decide to take the afternoon off to do a little good. We participated in the Jugs & Friends CSR Event – Appetite 4 Learning!

The project is in its 3rd year running. And after doing up 10 bedrooms of the boys at St Joseph Home, Sta Venera in 2010, this year it was time for the study areas, and living areas. The aim of the project is to increase students Appetite for Learning – giving them a more attractive environment.

St Joseph Home is home to 18 boys who come from underprivileged, neglected or abusive backgrounds. The Home aims to offer the children shelter and stability without the feeling of being institutionalized, this is why we wanted to be part of this project. Not forgetting that it’s great to get to do something different with your work mates!

The project is spread over two days; Wednesday 28th for the painting and Saturday 1st for building the furniture and finishing touches. We gave a helping hand with the painting; had a good laugh and a delicious high tea offered after the hard work was done!

All in all it was an enjoyable & very rewarding afternoon!

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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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