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Back in November 2017, QGen Ltd made frivolous claims against Aqubix Ltd regarding a breach in the confidentiality clause of a support and maintenance agreement binding the two companies.
Following a set of long arbitration and court hearings, earlier this month the courts have dismissed all claims made by QGen Ltd. It confirmed that there was no breach of confidentiality and that the software was not copied, confirming also that no material similarities between the two types of software were found. issued a press release stating that “A court has thrown out a breach of confidentiality claim by an IT company against its service provider.”
The press release highlights proceedings of the arbitration tribunal that took place over the course of the past 3 and a half years and concluded that “The only common factor between the two sets of software was the inputting of data by the client” the court said, further confirming that the products “were fundamentally different.”
“It could not be said “by any stretch of the imagination” that Aqubix had developed its product through information acquired from Qgen, said Judge Mintoff, concluding that the appellant had failed to prove its claims.”
Aqubix place the highest of importance on professional integrity and customer confidentiality and service and have earned a solid reputation in the market.
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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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