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Aqubix have developed and taken a number of innovative products to market. These solutions have helped build relationships, improve efficiency, optimise business performance and have helped businesses become more efficient.
KYC Portal
At its simplest, our KYC Portal is a comprehensive, risk scoring system which reduces compliance cost and allows your company to carry out efficient due diligence.
GDPR Auto is the industry’s first and only tool on the market that will make your company fully GDPR ready and compliant. It's not only a technical solution but a business solution that delivers the requried automation as well as the legal advice requried.
Cabinet EDMS
Cabinet has proven to be a dynamic tool that provides various benefits to a wide variety of organisations. With a variety of client within both the private and public sector Cabinet is being sought for various reasons ranging from facilitating the management of documents and files within the organisation to improving and making the operations of an entire company more effective and cost efficient.
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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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