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Business Analysis and BPR
Our business management strategy will ensure that your business enjoys long term benefits.

Business Analysis

At Aqubix we understand that by gathering the right requirements from the business, translating user requirements to functional specifications and liaising with development teams throughout the development lifecycle, a successful outcome will be ensured. Business Analysis helps organisations identify issues (problems, opportunities, and needs), define solutions and implement changes to solve those business issues. Effective Business Analysis helps to ensure that a business' resources are directed into projects which provide real business long term benefits.

The single most critical factor in the delivery of any project is ensuring that everyone knows exactly what has to be delivered and this all starts with good business analysis and clear requirements.

Our team of expert business & systems analysts work with clients across all industry sectors to:

Agree and implement corporate standards for process design, project documentation and business/technical specifications
Ensure client staff have the skills to contribute during the definition of complex business requirements; and
Maintain coherent specifications during the full project lifecycle where requirements inevitably evolve and change over time.

Our approach and technique reduces the communication gap between IT and your clients. We are experts in data management and analysis, data interchange and integration software and analytical and decision support software.

Before kicking off the development of a new application or website it is important to develop a specification that is agreed and supported by all areas of the organisation. Our consultants have extensive business experience and can work with you and your stakeholders to identify and document requirements and help you to evaluate and prioritise conflicting needs. Most importantly we will help you ensure that the solution really adds value to your business.

Our team will work as a bridge between the business problem that you have, and the technology solution we can offer by analysing and resolving the business issues you are facing, with the help of technology. This will also ensure an improvement in the service that is being offered. Our consultants will also make sure your new technology assets are properly implemented. We also continually support your users on the new processes and other changes being made.

Aqubix also help you keep in mind the financial implications of the business decisions you make and suggest ways of delivering a cost-effective solution with a higher return on investment by reviewing your priorities and ensuring that the features decided on will meet your end-user needs and form a sound basis for future enhancement. We’ll provide a plan for delivery of the project, including solid technical recommendations.

In essence, Aqubix identifies the detail behind business challenges and finds solutions.

Business process re-engineering (BPR)

One of the most important aspects of implementing change in any system is the opportunity to improve the fundamentals of the organisations’ operations. By redesigning existing systems and organisational structures Aqubix helps organisations gain competitive advantage by reducing overhead and/or improving customer responsiveness and experience. Our goal is to ensure our clients derive maximum value from its investment in systems and technology.

The goal is to avoid simply replicating the “as is” situation in the new system, and instead craft a reimagined landscape that fosters improved KPIs in every respect. The reengineering process involves diagnosing current processes, organisation and software by identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies and unnecessary tasks and defining how, where and when improvements are to be made.

Business processes, by definition, cut across organizational and functional boundaries. Consequently, effective business process analysis and improvement is best accomplished through the involvement of cross-functional teams of individuals who actually work in the system and know it first-hand.

At Aqubix we can help you:Identify what’s important to the customer and the business
  • Identify associated critical business processes
  • Prioritise key processes
  • Distinguish clearly between how you think a given process works (that is, how it was originally designed or is formally documented) and how it actually works in “real world” operations – this constitutes the “as is” process
  • Analyse the process for waste, inefficiencies, wait times, etc.
  • Redesign and re-engineer the process to what you would like it to be – this constitutes the “to be” process
  • Implement process improvements identified

Our approach to business process improvement is based on a framework that analyses all elements of the business. Our consultants have developed a strong capacity to transform organisations to bring about more streamlined, cost effective and client focussed business processes and systems to support service delivery requirements.

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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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