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Custom web applications that offer functionally rich and visually stunning web applications

Custom Web Applications

Aqubix focuses on bespoke, functionally rich and visually stunning web applications. We focus on web solutions which are fully tailored to address your unique requirements and only use up-to-date technologies and the latest industry trends to deliver even the most technically complex yet easy-to-use solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio. Each of our custom applications is developed to offer an efficient solution for your business today it is also built to ensure that it can easily evolve with your business.

Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Service Portfolio include:
  • Strategic audit
  • Big Data
  • Custom Business Intelligence Development
  • Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Data Mapping, Data Mining
  • ETL Strategy and Implementation

If you would like to discuss some of your ideas in more detail, we would be more than happy to share our advice and demonstrate some of our existing web applications.

Web Design and Development

Aqubix boasts a degree of expertise and knowledge in web development and web design which is second to none. By using your unique identity, Aqubix will craft a compelling, easy-to-use online solution, which will engage your customers and take your business to the next level.

Many web design companies use templates – and charge a lot of money for them. Templates are modular pre-existing designs for websites which are not always the ideal solution because they require you to fit your business into a particular website design or structure. This fit is usually not ideal. For your online presence to leave a lasting impression, your website needs to exude credibility, professionalism and quality. We understand that in an arena saturated with billions of web pages, a well-designed website is vitally important to marketing, building brand awareness and attracting prospective customers.

How we work:
  • Design Consultation – We will gladly discuss your project vision and the business needs which the project will address
  • Objectives & Timelines - Your project has a much better chance of success if you align business goals with website functionality. We'll work with you to spell out how the web application will best support your business, prioritise the requirements, and outline the timeline for delivering your project
  • Architecture & SEO Planning - All the necessary website content will need to be organised and optimised. Wewill provide you with a clear picture of the website structure and keyword optimisation and we will ensure that your website will reap the most relevant traffic from search engines
  • Layout & Web Design - After we've worked with you to ensure the website meets business needs and will be organized appropriately, we will provide a one-of-a-kind, custom layout web design for your approval
  • Web Development - The approved design layouts will then go into our production environment for web development
  • CMS & Admin Tools - If you require a content management system or some kind of administration functionality wewill identify the best fit from the suite of available options and seamlessly integrate your management system into the project.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Simply having a well-designed and developed, information rich website isn't enough. If your potential customers can't find you online itis like not having a website at all. Almost everyone who is looking for something online starts at a search engine and Aqubix can help you create and optimise a website that will get found. The Internet has evolved into a crowded and competitive market place. Cementing your position at the top of the major search engines is the key to generating sales leads and building a sustainable competitive advantage. High search engine rankings require a dedicated and competent SEO strategy. We will help your website to leverage full benefits of Search Engine Promotion. Search engine technologies evolve and change continuously and we always ensure that our client’s websites are up-to date with the latest SEO guidelines and methodologies. Our comprehensive SEO packages involve a process orientated approach to delivering measurable results along with an increase in ROI.

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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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