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Financial Services
A constantly changing economic climate requires advanced technologies which Aqubix can offer

Our experts have worked with a number of financial services organisation and banks across regions. Our experience enables us to appreciate and understand the market changes the financial services industry is facing, shaped by evolving digital technologies, changing consumer preferences, market trust issues and increasing competition, not to mention changing regulatory environment and more stringent risk management and governance policies.

We are proud to have been entrusted to design and implement bespoke solutions by a number of leading organisations in the financial services market such the Malta Stock Exchange, the Malta Gaming Authority as well as one of Malta’s leading local banks, amongst other clients.

Cabinet EDMS
Our Document Management Solution, is being used by a number of audit firms to enable them to store sensitive data and search and retrieve information, as well as providing the audit trail and version control necessitated by compliance regulations.
Our BI solution for Big Data helps financial services and banking institutions compete in a consumer-empowered economy, by leveraging their information assets to gain a comprehensive understanding of their markets. The vast amount of data that this sector generates such as purchase history, profiling data, browsing history etc is wasted unless properly gathered and utilised.
KYC Portal
We have developed a KYC portal to support Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management. The solution enables financial organisations to gain greater visibility into customer behaviours and better assess the potential for risk.

Our experience also includes:
  • customised and scalable web solutions
  • high frequency and low latency trading systems
  • systems to process, define, gather and process risk data for risk aggregation as well as regulatory compliance and know your client (KYC) processes
  • online valuation tools and virtual portfolio management
  • bespoke ERP software created specifically for mortgage providers which is used to collect, store, manage and interpret data enabling the mortgage companies to benefit from the integration of various organisational systems which facilitates error-free transactions.
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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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