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Bank of Valletta (BOV) Stockbroking is a service offered by BOV which helps regular investors and new investors to build their portfolio of investments based on their personal strategy. BOV Stockbroking can also help investors to trade their securities on the Malta Stock Exchange, as well as the international stock markets.

This site, the first dedicated site for BOV, forms part of BOV’s online infrastructure with the ability to share data across the BOV portal. It also allows for creating articles which can be shared with other BOV sites, increasing SEO.

The log in and registration of Stockbroking’s site also integrates with the BOV platform allowing users to log in from Facebook.

A main feature which was specifically developed for the site is the market dashboard which consists of live snap shots of the market including an MSE Index, equities, market summary and corporate bonds. Each item in the dashboard is linked to a dedicated page showing the latest indices and announcements. Furthermore, the site has been integrated with Twitter and Facebook fields giving the option to share and comment on the users’ personal timeline, as well as the option to comment on articles being uploaded on the site. Such articles will be fully moderated by administrators.
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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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