business analysis, custom software - Aqubix, a new local dating site, has recently launched in Malta.
The new online dating site allows its users to mingle and engage each other in a playful, refreshing manner. Currently aimed towards locals and people living in Malta, it surpasses the average dating site by engaging Internet dating in a different way.
Carobtreelane makes it possible for users to interact with each other according to their personal interests and does so in a fun and relaxed setting. Renewing the original idea of Internet dating, the growing website uses a map with virtual locations that can be added to a person’s favourite place to be. By knowing these preferred virtual venues of other users, the website makes it easy to recognize people’s personal preferences, simplifying the matchmaking process.
Online dating sites are no longer ‘a taboo’, as it is becoming an increasingly popular platform for singles to find people according to recent research. In the U.S. alone, research has shown that of the 54 million single people in 2012, 40 million had tried online dating. This is a great development for online dating in general, but has also resulted in a boom in low-quality websites with no inspiration or interesting approach towards online interaction. Carobtreelane aims to stand out by offering a fun, inspired and interesting experience through its refreshing approach and vision.
Designed and developed by Aqubix, the website has an easily accessible interface, which allows users to start interacting with other people within minutes. As with all Aqubix’s websites, the site is created to be entirely compatible with multiple browsers and can run on any platform, including smartphones and tablets.
Despite the size of our island, online dating has steadily become a popular means to meet new people. It allows users to engage in conversations and strike up new friendships with people they may not have otherwise come across in their typical day to day activities. provides a fun online dating and friend finding service for individuals of any persuasion. It’s the perfect place to meet your perfect match or make friends online.
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business analysis, custom software - Aqubix
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